Event planners are great, but if you don’t have the time or budget to work with one, you can still put together an amazing party. These days, there’s an app for everything you can imagine, including party planning.

These free party planning apps will help you plan an event so fantastic, your guests will have no idea you didn’t work with a professional. All you have to do is grab your smartphone or tablet and get to work!

1. Pingg

Create the perfect invitation, guest list, tickets and more with Pingg. Choose from a variety of attractive designs made by Pingg’s artist community, customize your favorite and send invites through social media, email or hard copies in the mail. The site also has a number of premium features to make your event extra special, including the ability to have guests donate to a charity instead of bringing a gift and sending automatic thank you texts to all attendees. Pingg is currently not operating in app form, but click here to access the mobile site on your device.

2. Punchbowl

Event planners always have the most creative ideas, and when a problem arises, they quickly come up with a solution. The Punchbowl app is the next best thing to having a party planner, as it offers tools to cover every aspect of your party. Create and send invitations, manage your guest list, reach out to those who don’t respond by the RSVP date, set up a poll, make a potluck list, share the responsibilities with a co-host and so much more. Download Punchbowl for iPhone or Android.

3. Zokos

When you have a question to ask your guests, reaching out to each person can take forever, so use the Zokos app instead. Poll your guests, start a group chat and create a shared list everyone can see and edit. This is a great resource if your event is potluck or if attendees are pitching in to help cover costs. Download Zokos for iPhone or Android.

4. TopTablePlanner

When hosting a sit-down dinner, the seating arrangement is everything. Create the perfect mix with the TopTablePlanner application. Create, organize and manage the seating chart for an event of any size with ease by keeping this helpful little tool in your pocket. The site is compatible with any device, so click here to get started. 

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