Getting people together to raise money for a great cause is always a good idea. Whether you’re raising money for your child’s school, families in need, an animal shelter or any other cause close to your heart, the fact that you’ve chosen to host the fundraiser is highly commendable.

Now that you’ve decided on the type of event, venue, food and entertainment, it’s time to get serious about the guest list. You want to raise as much money as possible, so it’s important to invite all the right people. Follow the advice below to make sure you send invitations to the kinds of people who will make an impact.

1. Consider the Nature of the Event

From black tie galas to bowling tournaments, the possibilities for NYC fundraisers is nearly limitless. When considering who to invite, keep the type of event in mind, as some people are more suited for certain situations than others. For example, if your fundraiser is a kids’ carnival in lower Manhattan, you’re probably not going to garner much interest from the elderly Upper East Side crowd. Focus your efforts on young families, as this is the demographic mostly likely to attend.

2. Choose Those Passionate About the Cause

It’s hard to get people excited about attending a fundraiser when they don’t really care about the cause. Zero in on those who truly care about the school, foundation, shelter or family you’re raising money for, because they’ll make it a priority to attend the event, even if they have to rearrange their schedules. When people are passionate about a cause, they’re eager to support it.

3. Invite People Who Can Donate and Participate

When hosting a fundraiser, you need attendees who will donate to the cause and join in the fun. For example, if the event has a Latin theme and an instructor will be giving Salsa dancing lessons, you need a group of fun, active guests who like to dance. The party won’t be a success if the audience doesn’t have the means or desire to give money or participate in planned activities.

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