If you’ve never hired a bartender for a party, you might consider it a needless expense. After all, you can certainly pour drinks, and if you’re not around when a glass goes empty, they’ll certainly be someone nearby who can handle the charge. Justify it as you may, but having an actual bartender in charge of the beverage situation is always a stellar move.

Enjoy Entertaining Your Guests

Going to parties is fun, but hosting them is even more of a blast, because you have complete control of the guest list. When you know virtually every attendee, you need to be working the room instead of running around filling empty glasses. It’s your party and people expect to spend time with you, so don’t disappoint them by constantly having to excuse yourself from conversations to replenish someone’s drink. After spending so much time planning this soiree, you deserve to have fun!

Serve Top-Notch Drinks

Sure, you can handle basic drink requests like a rum and Coke or a vodka tonic, but you know your guests are going to want more. When people start asking for dirty martinis and Pisco sours, you don’t want them to have to settle for something else — but you only know how to make three drinks. Also, standing behind the bar mixing cocktails is incredibly time-consuming. When you leave the work to a professional, everyone gets to sip on delicious cocktails that you don’t have to make.

Keep Everyone Safe

In a room full of people, it’s hard to keep track of how much everyone has had to drink — especially when you’re pouring some of the drinks and they’re helping themselves to other rounds. The last thing you want is for someone to drink too much and get rowdy or — even worse — become sick or injured. Your bartender will carefully monitor your guests’ alcohol intake and cut those off who have reached a safe limit. It can be very uncomfortable for you to have to relay this message, so let your bartender handle it.

Contact Waitron to assist with your next party so you can have as great a time as your guests. We take care of the screening, hiring and training process, so all you have to do is submit your event and tell us how many servers, bartenders and event captains you need. Your Waitron staff will arrive at your party uniformed and excited to help make it a success. Contact us to learn more or get started today!

Photo by SMU Central University Libraries