Contrary to popular belief, being a successful server requires serious skills, so it’s only natural you need a little help easing into the job. In addition to the obvious task of taking orders and delivering food to the right customer, you need to connect with your tables and build a rapport.

Learning to balance the many responsibilities of a server is a challenge, but follow these tips to catch on in no time at all.

Study the Menu

It’s inevitable that customers are going to ask you tons of menu-focused questions, including everything from wanting recommendations to help finding dishes that satisfy a host of dietary restrictions. If you want to handle the situation like a pro, you need to know the menu inside and out. During slow periods at work, use your free time to learn the menu, and ask your manager if you can take one home at the end of your shift to continue the memorization process.

Practice, Practice, Practice

One of the server responsibilities you’re probably most nervous about is carrying a tray filled with food and drinks. Take solace in knowing it took time for even the most skilled servers to hoist those trays over their shoulders without flinching, so you’ll get there. Speed up the training process by purchasing a tray of your own and practicing at home.

Observe Seasoned Colleagues

Top servers can connect with even the most challenging tables, so learn how to do this by paying close attention to your superstar colleagues. Take note of their body language, energy level and topics of conversation, using this to create your own server persona. Approaching tables may not feel natural at first, but just fake it until it becomes second nature.

Make Guests Feel Special

People like friendly servers who engage them and boost their mood. Achieving this isn’t difficult — simply ask about their day or offer a sincere compliment. When you start noticing regular customers, welcome them back and ask if they would like their usual order. Not only will this behavior help you acclimate to the job, it could earn you a generous tip.

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