A savvy way to feed a group of any size, buffets are a fantastic alternative to a sit-down dinner. This type of menu works for nearly every type of event, as it gives guests full control of their meal. When dealing with a slew of special diets, this route saves lots of headaches, and it allows people to eat as much or as little as they like.

Simply put, it’s hard to go wrong with a buffet. Use these tips to make your buffet spread a crowd-pleaser.

1. Prep Food for Seamless Pick Up

Keep the buffet line flowing by preparing every dish for quick and easy serving. Make sure each item is equipped with the proper utensils and cut solid dishes — quiche, pizza — into portion sizes, so they’re easy to grab. When your guests are trying to juggle a plate and likely a drink, you want them to have to do as little work as possible. In addition to helping keep the line moving, it also preserves the look of your food and buffet table, keeping spills and crumbs to a minimum.

2. Make Everything Work on One Plate

Your guests only have two hands, so don’t make them juggle dishes by serving food that requires multiple plates and bowls. Choose items that will work together on one plate and can be eaten with one utensil. This is especially pertinent for cocktail parties and other festivities where there aren’t tables for everyone to sit down and eat.

3. Loosely Follow a Menu Theme

Since you’re going to be serving a slew of items that have to co-exist on one plate, following a somewhat of a theme can help pull it all together. For example, opt to serve all Mexican or Italian fare, so the flavors will blend together on the plate. It’s inevitable that items will touch on your guests’ plates, and there’s no easier way to ruin otherwise great food than the intersection of multiple types of clashing cuisine.

4. Choose Easy-to-Eat Options

As noted above, people might not be sitting while they eat, so serve all food in bite-sized portions. Your guests will also be talking, laughing and having a great time while they’re eating, so choose foods that aren’t messy. No one wants to drip sauce on their clothes or risk the mortification of getting broccoli stuck in their teeth.

5. Don’t Weigh People Down With Heavy Fare

You don’t want to send your guests into a food coma with a menu of heavy foods, so keep it on the light side. Focus on a variety of salads and vegetables, instead of dishes like casseroles and mashed potatoes. Food should keep the party moving, not end it because everyone is too full to keep socializing.

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