Can you believe 2016 is almost over? It seems like the year flew by, but now it’s time to start planning a New Year’s Eve party to welcome 2017. More than just a standard Saturday evening gathering, this party sets the tone for the New Year, so it must be exceptional.

Whether you’re hosting an informal evening with friends, or a formal soiree, planning ahead is the key to a successful event — especially on the biggest party night of the year. Use these tips to pull your party off without a hitch.

Have a Head Count

Knowing how many are attending your party is crucial, so you can plan accordingly. Require guests to RSVP at least a few days in advance, to make sure you have enough room for everyone and the right amount of food and drink. When shopping, buy a little extra of everything just in case a few guests show up with unexpected plus ones.

Make a Schedule

Leaving all party prep to the last day is never a good idea. Stores are bound to be packed with a slew of people shopping for New Year’s Eve parties, so start days in advance to beat the crowds and ensure crucial items aren’t sold out. Make a to-do list of all your party chores and use this to create a schedule noting when you’ll complete each one.

Prepare Food and Beverages in Advance

Making all the food and drinks for a party always takes longer than anticipated, so get as much done as possible well before it starts. This allows you to get everything cleaned up before your guests arrive and ensures you won’t be spending most of New Year’s Eve in the kitchen.

Anticipate the Needs of Finicky Guests

Many people have dietary restrictions or just don’t like certain foods and drinks. Check with all your guests in advance to find out if they have any allergies or distastes for certain items, so there’s something for everyone. A good host always makes sure there’s plenty for each guest to eat and drink.

Plan the Cleanup

Hosting parties is fun, but cleaning up is rarely a good time. Depending on your crowd, it may be a good idea to put breakables away in a safe place and have certain stain removers on hand such as something to get red wine out of your couch. It’s also wise to decide if you’ll handle the cleanup on your own or hire staff to assist.

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Photo by Michel Curi