Hosting a party is a huge undertaking even if you’re someone who lives to entertain. From creating a guest list, setting the menu, planning décor and finding the right entertainment, a huge amount of effort goes into even small, intimate gatherings.

No matter how meticulously you’ve planned your party, the day of the event is always a whirlwind. Some details require your special touch, but others can be left to seasoned wait staff who are experts at serving guests. Learn three reasons why hiring Waitron can benefit everyone at your party including you!

It’s One Less Thing to Stress About

As previously noted, you have a million things to do on party day, so hiring a waiter service means you can lift a huge burden off your shoulders. Your servers, bartenders and event captains will make sure your guests stay refreshed all evening, so you can focus on other pressing matters. It’s much easier to manage the flow of a party when you don’t have to stress about people being hungry and thirsty.

More Time to Enjoy Your Party

As a generous host, it’s your number one priority to make sure your guests have fun. This means you’re constantly refreshing the buffet table, refilling cocktails and encouraging people to eat, drink and be merry. Ensuring your guests are happy is very important, but doing double duty as event host and wait staff leaves you little-to-no time to actually relax and enjoy the party you worked so hard to plan.

Let Waiters Take Care of Picky Eaters

Every party has at least a few guests with food allergies or notably discerning palates. Trying to remember the ingredients in each dish is exhausting and stressful, so allow the wait staff to handle it for you. They already know the menu and unlike you, they’re not trying to greet and entertain a room filled with people. They’ll be able to make recommendations and steer guests away from food they’re allergic to or simply don’t care for, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Have fun at your party by partnering with Waitron to hire top-quality wait and bar staff when you need them. Our professional servers, bartenders and event captains will make your night memorable so you can enjoy the party! Contact us to learn more or get started today!