Seamless service is part of what makes any event special. That means staff that is by your side when you need them; invisible when you don’t. Slow or sloppy service can spoil an otherwise wonderful event. What is the correct number of staff people to have on hand to host a fabulous party? Consider these factors:

Buffet or Sit-Down Meal

If a seated meal is being served, you’ll need one server for every 8-12 guests. Conveniently, this is also the size of a typical banquet table. For a buffet, one server per 20-30 guests is recommended. They won’t be performing table service, but you still need them to replenish dishes and supplies and keep things moving.

Appetizer Station or Passed Hors D’oeuvres

An appetizer station requires just a couple of friendly faces to keep the area clean, stocked and fresh. Passed hors d’oeuvres require a little more staff to keep guests happy. Usually, one server for every 25 people should cover the area unless the venue is particularly large.

Full Bar or Beer and Wine

For a full bar, one bartender for every 50-70 guest should be enough. A professional bartender can manage more guests if you are providing only beer and wine. If your event is held in a large venue, consider adding a second bar to avoid congestion and so guests don’t need to walk as far.

Support and Supervision

A flawless party takes more than just servers and bartenders. If your event staff is larger than 4-6 people a supervising captain is recommended to keep things running smoothly. Add bussers to keep tables cleared and water glasses filled. One for every 25-30 guests should keep you well covered. A bar back can handle the heavy lifting so the bartender can remain focused on your guests.

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