It’s hard to believe, but your little one is turning another year older! This momentous occasion definitely calls for a celebration, so it’s time to start planning a fun kids’ party. Choose a theme and let everything else fall into place from there. Get the invitations out as early as possible, to ensure as many invited guests as possible can attend.

Whether your child is old enough to remember the day for years to come or still a little too young for that, seeing a big smile on their face as they enjoy the festivities is priceless.

Fun Games and Activities

Unlike adults, kids aren’t content sitting around and talking, so you need to have plenty of age appropriate activities to keep them engaged. From traditional games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey to scavenger hunts and Birthday bingo, it’s always wise to have extra ideas on-hand. The last thing you want is a group of bored kids who want to go home early.

Kid-Friendly Food

It can be hard to get a group of excited kids to sit around a table and eat, so choose finger foods that aren’t too messy and won’t stain clothing. Foods like cupcakes — mini cupcakes for small kids — sandwiches cut into quarters, veggies and dip and slices of fruit can be great options. Many kids also have allergies or dietary restrictions, so be sure to check with parents beforehand to see if any menu adjustments need to be made.

Goodie Bags

As a parent, it’s always frustrating when your child comes home from a birthday party toting a goodie bag full of items you don’t really want them to have. Break this trend by putting some real thought into the goodie bags handed out to guests at your kid’s party. Of course the bag should always match the theme of the party, but focus on healthy snacks and handouts the recipients will actually want to play with or use.

Something for the Adults

Most likely they’ll be at least a few adults attending your party, and you want them to have a good time too. Make a food menu for the grown-ups and hire a bartender to serve adult-friendly beverages. There’s a good chance you’ve attended more than a few children’s birthday parties that had nothing for adults, although you were also an invited guest. You can be certain all parents in attendance will be very grateful not to be forgotten.

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