By now, if you haven’t heard of Uber, you probably don’t own any electronic devices. The online, on-demand transportation company has been in NYC since 2011, so chances are you’ve taken at least a few rides in an Uber — but probably more like a few hundred. A cost-effective and convenient way to get around the city, Uber has enjoyed a massive level of success because using the app to secure a ride when you need it, is so easy. 

Waitron follows a similar on-demand format, providing you with servers, bartenders and event captains in a pinch. Instead of having to secure staff weeks or even months in advance, you can give contact us at the last minute to hire the people needed to make your event a success.

Whether you’re looking for experienced professionals to staff your party or a job that works around your schedule, find out why Waitron’s on-demand model is your answer.

Hire the Staff You Need

Just as Uber offers many different types options for your ride, Waitron puts you in control of the staff needed to work your party. Instead of getting locked into a one-size-fits-all model, you’re free to choose the number of people you want to work your event, and your staffing roster itself. We’re well aware having the right service professionals present is the key to making your event a success, so you’re in the driver’s seat.

Fill Last Minute Openings

Life isn’t predictable, which is why Uber is so wildly popular. Instead of having to be ready for a hired car’s arrival at a certain time, you can request an Uber when you need it, and your ride appears within minutes. Waitron uses the same philosophy, allowing you to secure staff on a moment’s notice. When planning an event last-minute or trying to find a replacement for a staffer, we have you covered.

Let Waitron Handle the Screening Process

At Waitron, we have a thorough screening process in place that every applicant on our platform has passed with flying colors. Save time by letting us do all the work, so all you have to do is request staff and enjoy confidence in knowing they’re NYC’s finest.

Create Your Own Work Schedule

If you’re looking for work, Waitron offers the unique opportunity to pay your bills by setting your own schedule. Work when you want to and spend the rest of your time auditioning, hanging out with friends and enjoying life. We’re always looking for workers with experience in bartending, basic serving, French service and catering, so apply here if you fit the bill.

Need extra staff on short notice? No problem! Waitron is your source for talented and experienced on-demand servers, bartenders and event captains. Always professional, our Waitrons are ready and waiting to make your NYC party a success, so contact us to learn more or get started today!