Social media has essentially taken over the world, so it should go without saying that you’re already promoting your event on popular platforms. Most, if not all, of your target audience has at least one social media account, so this is a fantastic way to get in front of them.

Posting a pretty event flyer on Instagram or sharing a link to the event website on Facebook is a start, but you can do much better than that. Social media offers a seemingly endless amount of ways to reach potential attendees, so take full advantage of everything at your fingertips.

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised with the number of guests at your event when you maximize the use of social media. Get started by incorporating these four tips into your strategy:

Give Attendees a Vote

Engage your audience by asking them to help plan a small part of your event. Tools like twtpoll allow you to post surveys on any social platform, so you can quickly and easily reach your crowd. Ask people if they’d rather have meatball or egg roll hors d’oeuvres or give them three choices for a guest speaker and let them decide who makes the final cut. Not only will this help you plan the perfect party, it will also create a buzz on social media.

Create a Unique Hashtag

You may not realize it, but when used properly, hashtags actually serve the purpose of categorizing content and making it highly searchable. Create an exclusive hashtag for your event by choosing something short, easy to remember and relevant. For example, if the event name is “NYC Parks Gala,” something like #NYCParksGala2016 might work. Always conduct a search to make sure the hashtag isn’t already in use, because you don’t want your message to be confused with someone else’s.

Think Beyond Your Website

Creating a dedicated event website or a page on your existing website is great, but don’t stop there. Instead of simply posting the event on your Facebook page, create an official event and invite everyone in your network. When people RSVP, their activity will show up in their friends’ newsfeeds, effectively spreading awareness. You can also post your party for free on Eventbrite, so use these valuable opportunities to get the word out and boost attendance.

Offer Enticing Previews

Your official event flyer is lovely and you should post it on your social platforms, but keep on going. Share a quick video tour of the venue, a clip of the band performing or an image of the keynote speaker and a link to their bio. These quick little snippets will get people excited about the event, so they’ll share them on their own networks and encourage others to attend.

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