As an aspiring actor, you strive to spend your days on stage or in front of the camera, but becoming a big star takes time. In the interim, you’re working as a server to keep a roof over your head and groceries in the refrigerator.

You probably view your server position as a means to an end, but what you don’t realize is you’re learning valuable on-the-job skills that will help you succeed in show business. Recognize the skills on the list below to make sure you’re getting the most from your server job, because it offers a whole lot more than just a paycheck.


As you’re well aware by now, servers have to complete a multitude of tasks at once to keep guests happy. From filling water glasses and taking orders, to checking in on tables and clearing plates, the work never stops. Similarly, the job of an actor is multifaceted, as you may need to give interviews while in hair and makeup, or simultaneously learn your lines and your marks on stage.

Displaying Professional Etiquette

When guests are rude or demanding, it’s hard to remain calm and professional, but that’s part of a server’s job. Similarly, actors are constantly put in stressful situations, but demonstrating class and elegance is always necessary to maintain a positive reputation. After all, no one wants to work with a difficult actor.

Being Punctual

Showing up for work on time is imperative when you’re a server, because every single team member is needed to create an outstanding guest experience. Equally, if actors don’t arrive by their call time, production is thrown off schedule, which impacts everyone from the crew to the rest of the cast.

Exhibiting Dexterity

The ability to think fast is a must for a server, because no two shifts are ever the same. If a guest has a problem, you have to be able to solve it immediately, so their entire experience isn’t tainted. Of course, this is also imperative as an actor, because the show must go on, even when external factors lead to unexpected surprises mid-performance.

Meeting a Wide Variety of People

Catering to a hugely diverse group of people is part of the job of a server, as different types of guests require different treatment. This holds true for acting as well, because every project you work on will come with an entirely new cast and crew you have to get to know and learn to work with in a harmonious manner.

Working in Character

If you think about it, working as a server is really just putting on a uniform and playing a part. You have to adjust your persona every shift, depending on the type of event you’re working at and the crowd in attendance — and this isn’t easy for everyone. Obviously, actors pretty much always work in character, so gaining experience as a server is the perfect way to train.

More than just way to pay the bills while building your acting career, working as a server can be an invaluable learning experience. Waitron offers a flexible working environment, so you have the freedom needed to make your dreams a reality. Put your bartending, basic service, French service or catering skills to use by coming to work for us. Contact us to learn more or get started today!