You spent the entire holiday season party hopping, and now that January has arrived you’re in withdrawal. The good news is, you don’t need a good reason to host a fun gathering with family, friends and colleagues, so keep the party going in the new year.

Chances are, you’re not the only one with a little free time on your hands now that the holidays are over, so your invite is sure to be well-received. Make your event even more fun by using one of these excuses to get everyone together.

Post-Holiday Catch Up

Most everyone is crazy busy during the holidays, so now it’s time to check-in and trade gossip. From stories about your friend’s spirited in-laws to tales of a colleague’s child’s first Christmas, everyone has a story to tell about their holiday, so make an event of it. Stock up on appetizers and plenty of alcohol, because this party could last awhile!

Apology for Missing a Holiday Party

Whether you missed the office Christmas party or a friend’s annual holiday fête, nothing shows your sincere regrets better than hosting an apology party. Keep your holiday décor up for the occasion or don’t it’s up to you but do go out of your way to serve high-quality food and cocktails sure to please your guests. For an added touch, give each attendee a small gift to display your sincere regret for not making it to the first one.

Beat the Winter Blues

Going from a steady stream of holiday invites to an empty calendar can be a relief for about a day, but you’re a people person at heart. If you feel a case of the winter blues coming on, you’re certainly not alone, so there’s your justification for hosting a party. Boost the spirits of fellow social butterflies by giving everyone a reason to brave the freezing NYC weather and have some fun!

Waitron wants to help make your NYC party outstanding, no matter what the occasion. Simply let us know how many servers, bartenders and event captains you’ll need and your experienced, uniformed staff will arrive, ready to work on the big day. Contact us to learn more or get started today!