During the holidays, you probably received gifts from many people in your life. While the generosity is always appreciated, it’s almost inevitable that some of these presents were not on your list for a reason. Now you’re left with a box of items you really don’t want, but aren’t quite sure what to do with.

Rather than hiding these gifts in the back of your closet and hoping the person who gave them to you doesn’t notice you never use them, throw a regifting party and get something you actually want. Remember, one person’s worst gift is another’s best!

Ask Guests to Bring an Unwanted Gift

On the invite, make it clear to guests they need to bring a holiday gift they don’t want. The party won’t work if everyone shows up empty-handed, so clearly explain the concept of the gathering. Unlike standard holiday gifts, instruct everyone not to wrap the item in the sake of full transparency.

Put All Presents on Display

Far from another Yankee Swap or white elephant party, the purpose of this event is for guests trade an unwanted gift for something they actually like. Consequently, all gifts should be prominently displayed on a table, so everyone can see the full selection. If two people want the same gift, have them draw straws or come up with a fun game to play, where the winner gets the present.

Donate Leftovers to Charity

There’s a good chance they’ll be a few leftover gifts that no one at the party wants, so find a good home for them. If appropriate, donate the remaining items to charity. Choose an organization that’s a good fit for them and enjoy giving back to those starting the new year in a different place than you and your friends.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

More than just a reason to get rid of unwanted presents, your regifting party won’t be complete without plenty of food and drink. Craft your appetizer and cocktail menu with your guests in mind, and keep your holiday décor up a little longer, to create the perfect ambiance.

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Photo by kevin dooley