For Love of Dinner Parties


I love throwing dinner parties. Ever since I had my first college house, I’ve been throwing dinner parties for as many friends as I could convince to show up. I live for the moment when all the food is finally finished and served, and everyone is sitting around the table eating. What I don’t particularly love is the stressful hour before that moment, when I invariably fall behind schedule and don’t have enough hands to do everything at the same time.

As many times as I’ve thrown dinner parties I’ve never been able to execute them as seamlessly as I imagine them going in my head. For me there’s not enough prep time in the world to eliminate that peak dinner party stress. No matter how well I plan and prep, there are simply too many tasks that need to be done all at the same time: Open door for guests, pull a flaming-hot dish out of the oven, touch up my makeup, set the table, locate the bottle opener, pour and serve the drinks, text someone to bring more ice, respond to five messages asking for the address, and so on. I know this hour of stress well, but I just grin and bear it.

However, I recently began to wonder if there might be a cure to this madness. My hypothesis: “Can a few extra sets of hands help execute a better dinner party?”

The answer: “Heck yeah!”

How to Avoid Dinner Party Stress?

I recently discovered Waitron, and they took my dinner party hosting to a whole new level. And while I once thought that hiring staff for a dinner party was something that only rich people do, I now realize how easy and affordable it can be.

This one $140 discovery has changed dinner parties for me. Now I don’t dread that high-stress, pre-party hour, because I know I’m going to hand off most of the laborious tasks to professionals.

In addition to saving you that hour of stress, a professional prep cook and server will make you look like a BOSS!

So, here’s a glimpse of the dinner party I just threw with the help of Waitron.

To create the cozy, gypsy den feel I wanted, I placed two table tops (doors that I found on the sidewalk) on top of two lawn chairs. Yep, those are sidewalk doors on top of lawn chairs you see there. Throw a tablecloth on top and nobody knows that they’re sitting around sidewalk junk!

The room had really bright overhead lighting, which killed the ambiance. To make the room feel more romantic and cozy, I needed to fix the lighting. So, I threw white Christmas lights around the middle of the table and covered the lights with greenery from the local flower shop. 

After I finished decorating, the Waitron servers appeared to help me finish getting ready, and they absolutely saved me. Juan Luis (above) immediately started helping me set the table and light the candles that I’d arranged around the room. He also conversed in fluent French and Spanish with my guests!



While I can cook all day, drinks are not my specialty, which was where the mixology skills of the Waitron bar tenders came in handy. I gave them a picture from a pretty drink I found on Pinterest and they prepared the most beautiful, delicious, pomegranate-ginger-mint-grapefruit-tequila drinks on Earth!





In addition to helping me set the table and make the drinks, the Waitron servers also served hors d’oeuvres and drinks—and kept my kitchen tidy as food came of the oven. This is another time where those extra hands really came in handy.

The hour when the guest have arrived and the main dishes are finishing is the real hours of stress, and this is where the Waitron servers really took all the work off my plate. As I finished the cooking they served hors d’oeuvres and kept everyone’s drinks full.






Finally, dinner was served! And because the Waitron servers were serving it, I was actually able to sit down and enjoy the whole meal.




Cheers to dinner parties and cheers to Waitron!

I couldn’t have thrown such a streamlined, stress-free dinner party without my Waitron helpers!

Thank you, Waitron!


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About the author.

Caitlin Connors is the founder and CEO of Fox Theory, a boutique branding agency in New York City. Caitlin is from Colorado and has been throwing dinner parties and events for friends and clients around the world since 2007.