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Hospitality Staffing simplified.

From hiring to timesheets and payroll, hospitality staffing is difficult. With Waitron you no longer need worry about laborious tasks. Our contingency workforce platform helps you deliver service excellence in the deployment and management of your temporary and part-time workforce.

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Mobile Workforce

Hospitality Staffing is not easy. Last minute shift changes? Call-outs? We make that much easier. Need to scale up, recruit and send out new workers for the busy season? We got you.

Optimized for Texting

An individual is 80% more likely to see and respond to a text message over an app notification. We have built our platform around this fact. Time clocks and event details, all through text.

Simplifying Catering

If your catering work is remote, your workforce can check in using SMS, confirming their shift start and end times. No third-party application required.

A Single Screen

Cut out multiple screens for managing your crew. Waitron simplifies crew management to one single interface to manage and review your upcoming workload.

Automated Recruiting

You set up a template of worker you want, we go out and recruit them based on your specification. Need to scale up to meet worker demand? Our system does it automatically.

Book The Best the Most

The Waitron system learns who you book the most and favors them on all jobs that you put into the platform. We recruit and match other workers that are similar to your favorites.

  • Hospitality Staffing

    Hospitality Staffing

    Waitron helps you recruit and scale the hospitality staffing piece of your business. We do this by working with you to profile your workforce needs. Once we come up with a workforce template we will start recruiting to supplement and grow your workforce.
    Whether you are a recruiter, a staffing company, a catering company, a hotel or an events company – Waitron can reduce your recruiting costs.

  • Time and Attendance

    Time and Attendance

    Text messaging has become the standard in business interaction over the last few years. Your workers clock in and out using a proprietary text messaging solution that Waitron has built. They text “HERE” when they get to a job site and “OUT” when they are done. The time clock marks their attendance which is linked to an interface that you have full control over.

  • Payroll


    Waitrons system automatically tracks, records and processes payroll. We provide a detailed analysis that you may download at anytime through the Waitron platform. By integrating payroll Waitron cuts additional costs.

  • Workers Comp and Compliance

    Workers Comp and Compliance

    You should be focused on running your business, not dealing with headaches. Waitron removes the burden and restriction of paying expensive upfront Workers Compensation and compliance costs. We roll workers comp into a per-check loaded cost, and only charge you when workers actually work.


Hospitality Staffing Simplified.

Waitron saves you 35% on your recruitment costs.

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