Managing workers just got a whole lot easier.

Workers spend a lot of time looking for additional work. We help your temporary workers find more work, in return, we will make your job easier.
Simplify your Event

Move your temp workers over to Waitron and we will automate your staffing for you.

Improve Productivity

By using our proprietary software to manage your crew, you will reduce the time spent on administrative tasks by 35% and reduce the cost of recruiting by 30%.

Make Staffing Easier

When you need additional workers or are understaffed, Waitron will cover for you by matching workers from our network that are similar to yours. All workers are insured and background checked.

Grow Your Business

You are helping your workers find more work when they are not working for you. We will help them grow their skills be more productive so you can build your business. It’s a win/win.

How it works:

You don’t book temporary workers every day; only when you have an event. Let us help them find work – in return, we will save you money and time.
  • For the Workers

    A better way to work

    Workers on the Waitron network earn more because we are not marking up their labor by as much as a staffing company.

  • For the Job Creator

    Super powered events teams.

    By using Waitron, job creators help their workers work more often and save time and money on their own crew.


  • Sign-up
  • Place a worker reservation
  • Waitron Automatically matches available talent based on skill and availability
  • Pay a flat rate of $35/hr
  • No monthly fee

Talent Plus

  • Upfront: Profile your talent needs, migrate any existing part-time talent to the Waitron network
  • Reservations work the same
  • Over time: Tracks fit between you and team members
  • Ongoing: Collaborate with you plan for peak seasons and events

You may be wondering...

Am I giving up my workforce?
Of course not. We want your workers to work as much as possible. They are not anymore open to jobs while on Waitron than they would be otherwise.
Why is Waitron so affordable?
By partnering with Waitron, job creators benefit financially (instead of letting their workforce sit idly) allowing Waitron to charge less to it’s members and increase income to workers.
Do I have to add my workforce to Waitron to book temporary workers?
No. Anyone can sign-up to hire a temporary worker. If you do choose to add your workforce to Waitron, our platform will reduce your operational expenses.