simplistic solution to event staffing

Waitron combines simple, easy-to-understand tools to simplify your recruitment, training, and worker deployment process.

Your Contingent Workforce, Simplified

Waitron simplifies the temporary staffing process, adding value
for you, your workers, and your clients. We remove many time-consuming admin tasks and improve productivity and revenues, whilst reducing operational costs.


Build your business and breathe easily with Waitron. Our software helps you stay compliant as you manage, grow and expand.


Create a job request. Our system finds the best possible match, starting with your workers first. If you’re short staffed, we match workers from a shared pool that have been trained to do your job.

Time Capture

Workers receive job requests through a text message. We have built a proprietary text messaging tool that which workers use to clock in and out at your jobs. This time capturing is viewable on your dashboard.

Automated Controls

Your time clock, worker scheduler, recruiter, and job communication all through a simple dashboard.

An Integrated Back Office

Waitron integrates your job creation with job acceptance and payments all in one simple tool that you can operate from any device.

Staff Management

Tagging and tiering of your workers teaches the system your specifications. We go out and recruit based on your needs.

Waitron Automated Controls

Strength in Simplicity

Your Workers Job Communication

Text Messaging is a powerful tool to communicate, we have given it a super power.

Identify New Jobs

Workers receive new job requests, job changes, and schedule updates through Text Message. By using Text Message to communicate, you do not have to worry about workers missing out on information, needing up-to-date apps or a specific smartphone.

Time Clock and Work Detail

Intelligent Text Messaging connects workers straight to jobs without requiring a third-party application download. They talk to the same number to clock-in and out, call-out of work or switch shifts.


Customers love Waitron

  • This made everything very easy for us and we loved the simplicity of the platform. We will be sure to use Waitron again!
    — Camilla C.
  • Your service is seriously the best. So Grateful to have the help tonight.
    — Alison S.
  • Waitron was attentive to all of our needs and their crew is amazing!
    — Samantha, Califia Farms

Run your business with ease

Let us integrate your timekeeping, deployment, recruitment, and matching.

Save Time

On average, Waitron helps businesses reduce the time they spend on managing and maintaining temporary staff by 30%.

Save Money

On average, Waitron provides a 224% ROI for business that use it’s product.

Contact Sales

Tap into a shared pool of talent that work on the Waitron platform, grow your business and scale your workforce
  • We handle compliance, payroll, and supplement your recruiting efforts
  • Reduce your temporary and part-time staffing costs by 35%
  • Tailored Skillsets
  • Service Level Based on Your Business

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