The event space world is, simply put, daunting. There are a ton of choices, and it is hard to sort through those choices to find what you want.
Marketplaces have sprouted up to solve this problem and create an easy way to purchase what you want; Splacer has created such a marketplace specifically for the event space world. This fresh marketplace is one of the coolest I’ve seen. From checking out a garage in Brooklyn to a high-flying loft in SoHo, Splacer has made it easier than ever to book event spaces on demand.  We had a chance to get together with the Co-Founder and CMO Lihi Gerstner and here is what she had to say:


What is Splacer?
Splacer is an online marketplace for event spaces.


What problem created the motivation to start Splacer? 
As architects we were seeing space become more and more expensive, both commercial and residential, so we created Splacer to disrupt the traditional view of a space having a singular purpose. Instead of building more, the idea is to use our existing spaces in new and innovative ways.


What are three things that make a great event?
An amazing location (of course), delicious food, and enthusiastic guests!


How does Splacer make it easier to find an event space?
Our marketplace unlocks new and exciting spaces that otherwise would likely not be accessible for events – like boxing gyms, art galleries, warehouses, and other non-traditional venues. Right now, people are craving unique experiences, and at Splacer we’re able to facilitate that. Event organizers can easily filter search results according to what they’re looking for, number of guests, venue size, type of activity, and more. The booking process happens online (from inquiry to payment) but the real connection and experience is offline.


What are the plans for Splacer moving forward?
We are currently developing tools for space owners to run their businesses. We’re also constantly working on expanding to more cities in the US.


If had an entrance song into an event what would it be?  
Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York


What is your favorite party tradition/theme?
We love Purim – this is a Jewish tradition/holiday celebration, where everybody dresses up, similar to Halloween. I love the surprise aspect of it…


What makes an unforgettable event?  
The venue, the people, the cause and most importantly, the energy created when the right elements are combined!
To book a space on Splacer check them out here.