• Deliver Service. Without Limits.

    Temporary Staffing Reimagined


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  • Deliver Staffing. Without Limits.

    Temporary Staffing Reimagined


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  • Your House Party. Without Limits.

    Temporary Staffing Reimagined


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Waitron bands together temporary workers for you. We recruit, match & pay workers
so you can book the right team at the right time

Reserve your team on-demand.

Grow Your Business as a Waitron Client

Book your temporary workers and internal workers through a single console
Expand Your Service to New Locations Quickly and Easily
Source Good People when You Need Them.
Tailor a “best fit” workforce with our program managers
Waitron handles compliance and payroll for you.
Spend less time with job boards and recruiters


Tailored Recruiting

Waitron approves temporary workers and recruits new people based on the skills and service level you require.

Simplified Crew Management

You can use one console to manage and review your reservations and program.

Targeted Reservations

Waitron permits you to set requirements for specific kinds of projects and/or accounts. Make sure the team is a good fit for each job.

Mobile Workflows

An individual is 80% more likely to see and respond to a text message over an app notification. Workers check-in using SMS, confirming their shift start and end times. No third-party application required.

Smart Booking

The Waitron system learns who you book the most and favors them on all jobs that you put into the platform. We recruit and match other workers that are similar to your favorites.

Outsourced Payroll and Compliance

Waitron takes care of all team members— paying them as W-2 employees and covering any related workers’ compensation insurance.



Event Crew Booking
$ 28-45/hr

Self-Service Your Event Staffing needs
  • Event Hospitality
  • High-quality and trained hospitality professionals
  • Background checked
  • Simple flat pricing
  • 48 hours notice required.

Start a Reservation

Workforce On-Demand

Source and Deploy Your Best Fit Team
  • Hospitality, Field Marketing, or Pop-up Retail
  • Develop service profile
  • Define recruiting fit & training program
  • Set your own pay rates for skills & service levels
  • Waitron manages any payroll transition

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